2017 Annual General Meeting

CVSA's AGM will be held on Monday June 19, 7pm at the clubhouse. There will be four, 3 year term director positions up for election. If you are interested in running for a directors position, please send a letter stating your intent. Please include your sports background, community involvement, reason you'd like to be a CVSA board member and any other pertinent information.

We have made changes to our bylaws and Consititution to adhere with those required by the Societies act and BC Soccer. There will be motions made at the meeting to delete the current constitution and current bylaws (two motions) and replace then with the proposals posted below. There are a number of changes and they can be amended at the AGM as long as long as there is not a change in context.


Proposed 2017 CVSA Constitution

Proposed 2017 Bylaws