CVSA House League Coaching Information - U11/12


• Larger field with 4 teams per field (55 meters wide X 70 meters long)
• 2 x 30 minute halves
• 8 v 8 teams
• Small goals
• Size 4 ball


The field your team plays on is indicated on your schedule (available on our website under the “SCHEDULES/ GAME SCHEDULES” heading. Games are played on both the Williams Turf and at Evans Park.


Each team will have a concession duty time slot. This is a mandatory time slot that your team
must fill. The schedule is available on our website under the “TEAMS” heading. If your team
is not on the “fall” schedule, you will be on the “spring” schedule.


Every coach, assistant coach and team manager will require a criminal records check. Information regarding criminal records checks can be found on the clubs website For any questions please email


Referees assigned (if available – they will make some games, but not all!). You will need to assign a parent to flag for each game (If your parents are hesitant please let them know that this is new for most parents and if they have questions they can ask the Official referee to clarify what is expected of them)


Off side rules are in effect in the opposing 1/3 of the field ONLY (Please check with your referee as to where the opposing 1/3 is located and set out cones, this will help not only the official, but also the players & the parent that has been chosen to flag that game for you.
Throw-ins are in effect (Please ensure that the player is aware of the correct way to throw the ball in - both feet touching the ground, hands behind the head at start of throw). Goal and corner kicks in effect – conform to FIFA with the exception that the opponent remains at least five meters from the ball until it is in play. No slide tackling is allowed.


Please let your players know up front what kind of behaviour is expected of them during a game whether they are on or off the field. If a player intentionally strikes, deliberately kicks or spits at an opponent this player must be substituted and will not be permitted to participate further during the game. The coach should inform the player as to why and correct these actions. The coaches/referees role is to ensure that the game is played under the “fair play” code.


Non-uniform clothing is allowed based on weather conditions, but uniforms must still distinguish teams. Shin guards are mandatory for all players and must be worn under the socks. Jewellery is NOT PERMITTED, the earrings MUST BE REMOVED.
As a coach, you are not responsible for their child. If the parent has concession duty, they are still on CVSA property, which is fine.


Rotate children through every position. If you have a child that only wants to play goal, this will limit their development (a goalie needs to know every position on the field to be effective,
too!). EQUAL PLAYTIME FOR ALL – NO SCORE KEEPING, this is development ONLY, we all play on the same team.

NOTE: If a child has not paid, please do not contact them to come and play. If you are unsure about the pending players on your team, please contact your coordinator.