House League Coaching Information

Lower island Soccer Small Sided Games:


Under-11 through Under- 13 are non-competitive division in the Lower Island district scores
are not recorded and posted on the LISA website. No league champion will be recognized.
(Competitive league play begins at U14.)


Game Length:

U11/U12 divisions play 2 x 30 minute halves, and teams will use a size 4 ball. In the Lower
Island district Under-13 teams play 8v8. Each game will consist of 2 x 35-minute halves, and the
teams will use a size #4 ball. Match days for all U11-U13 Divisions is Saturday and your start
times vary.

Important Dates

  • U11-U13 Start Date: September 16th
  • U11 Festival: Hosted by Sooke Soccer – October 28th/29th
  • Last Weekend of League Play – Winter Break: December 9th
  • Return to Play – Winter Break – January 13th
  • Last Weekend of Scheduled play – March 9th
  • U13 Full Field Festival- Host TBD – April 6th/7th (following Spring Break)

OFFSIDE for U11-U13: When a team is on the attack, the FIFA offside rule is in effect in the attacking one-third (1/3) of the field and shall be applied accordingly by the referee. If line-persons are used they only need take reference at the 1/3 field marking. Cones on the sideline will be needed to mark the 1/3 field limits.

GOAL KICK RETREAT LINE for U11- U13: All players from the opposing team will retreat back behind the existing offside line marked by cones at the 1/3 mark of the field, which will be also known as the retreat line. Players from the opposing team may not pass the retreat line until the ball has been touched by the player receiving the goal kick. If the goal kick is kicked past the retreat line the ball is deemed in play as soon as it crosses the retreat line. In case of a violation of this rule the restart will be a retake of the goal kick.

BC Soccer Rules


  • Distance opposing players have to be away at kick-offs: U5/6/7/8 5 meters, U9/10/11/12 9 meters.
  • U6-10 all free kicks are indirect, distance for opponents from the ball U5 - U8 - 5 meters, U9 - U12 - 9 meters
  • U11-12 indirect and direct free kicks as per FIFA rules. Opposition has to be 9 meters from the ball ( also have pk.)
  • U11 – 12 have throw-ins, U5 - U10 has the kick in to be taken like a free kick.
  • U6 – 12 during the taking of a goal kick all opposing players have to be behind the retreat line until the ball is received by a teammate or travels over the retreat line or it leaves the field of play.
  • U5/6 the retreat line is the same as the halfway line.
  • U7-12 1/3rd of field length

Also review the Canada Soccer Grass Roots Standards