House League Coaching Information

BC Soccer Rules


  • Distance opposing players have to be away at kick-offs: U5/6/7/8 5 meters, U9/10/11/12 9 meters.
  • U6-10 all free kicks are indirect, distance for opponents from the ball U5 - U8 - 5 meters, U9 - U12 - 9 meters
  • U11-12 indirect and direct free kicks as per FIFA rules. Opposition has to be 9 meters from the ball ( also have pk.)
  • U7 – 12 have throw-ins, U5/6 has the kick in to be taken like a free kick.
  • U6 – 12 during the taking of a goal kick all opposing players have to be behind the retreat line until the ball is received by a teammate or travels over the retreat line or it leaves the field of play.
  • U5/6 the retreat line is the same as the halfway line.
  • U7-12 1/3rd of field length